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Bo Mancao

Underwater Photographer

I first met Bo on a divesite in General Santos. We were in a group organized by my business partner Ryan Alegre.  I guess it was Bo who inspired me to start with photography.  In my early years I was against carrying cameras and missing the dive, peering through a small view finder.  But Bo made that all look easy underwater and his photos are amazing.  I started with a Canon G6 and a single Inon strobe.  It took some great pictures.  I didn't realise until later that Bo is quite famous dive.  We dive together in the Philippines and we meet at the diver expositions where Bo is often speaking and hosting events.


Glenn Yong

Underwater Photographer

We met Glenn on the Panunee diving in Raja Ampat. It was Jonathan's first big trip. We both had cameras, I was using RX100MKIV and and Jon the TG4.  We were fortunate to be in the same dive group with Glenn and Khun Aoy. I can recall the most amazing experience with a school of sweetlips at 40m. Even though we were new to photography Glenn was friendly and helpful and spent alot of time with us in the photo room on the boat reviewing our photos and videos.

Nofri Labage


Nofri is a great divemaster.  We first met in Komodo on the Panunee on Matthews first big trip.  I remember our first dive at Castle Rock,  all holding hands and spiraling down in the current. what a rush! 

Matthew was 11 years old and Nofri took great care of him.  Nofri Is a great divemaster and guide... but for me he's a much better at finding interesting subjects and so patient to wait as you shoot the perfect shot....even as we are approaching our decompression limits.  Nofri is from Lembeh and we started going to Lembeh to hone our photography and videography skills. We thank Nofri so much for his help filming a series of videos Lembeh - critters and crawlers, and for his friendship.




NYellow is a Divemaster with Bluemotion on the Island of Banda.

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