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Big Decisions....Where to Dive Next?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

When you have a diving family, it is best to just chill out and let the divers choose the next destination. Well, I suppose it depends on your divers.

The divers in my family look for experience and adventure. They love the deep and want to see it with as few other humans around them as possible. This means we are always lugging equipment on planes, boats, cars, wagons and three wheelers, sometimes travelling for 48 hours to get to THAT place.

So what do they look for?


What will they see? This drives the trip: Lembeh for macro, Fiji for pelagics, Tojean for incredibly clear water and beautiful reefs. If there is something interesting to see, my guys are game to go. Click here to see our Top Ten Dive Sites


This one is key. They want dive masters who enjoy diving and understand that you don't need to Put Another Dollar In just to go an extra few metres. They want dive masters who have the experience to gauge divers' experience and comfort under water, regardless of the papers and cards they hold. They don't want policemen. There are a lot of great divemasters out there. Look for those who have local experience, and who still look forward to sharing their own love of diving.


The best boat for my divers is one that only accommodates our group. But, they do enjoy other visitors who provide a few laughs and good conversations. The worst boat holds too many people, is impersonal and focused on getting the trip done. The worst boat doesn't care about your camera, what you hope to see. They care that you will follow their programme regardless of any other opportunities that may come during the trip.

The Resort

Actually, the resort isn't a factor. Unless it's spectacularly horrific. My guys are going to dive; we spend most of every day on the boat. Getting a cocktail with an umbrella in it isn't important. However, we've been to some ace places. Small homestays, quiet boutiques, home made food, but perhaps no electricity, faint wifi and really chillin'. Along the way there have been some not-so-great places, but these make for much better stories.

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