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We started with a G11 in a Canon housing. It took fantastic pictures - check this eel taken in Balicasag. But even on land, it was getting a little aged. So I got myself the RX100M4 with a couple of Inon strobes and a RGBlue 03 Lighting system.  From an early age, Jonathan was taking the camera so I knew we had a second keen photographer.  We got a TG4.  It took great photos but the housing is not suitable for hard diving.  I soon felt we need a solid DSLR and the ILCE-7M3 was all the rage.  This camera is fantastic. The VDO is amazing. Now we are operating with ILCE-7M3 and RX100M4 in Nauticam housings.


ILCE-7M3 with N100 180mm optical glasss wide angle dome

Wide angle is not easy - like all your shots you especially need a good subject for wide angle.  In addition you need good composition - utilize the surface, other divers, boat silhouettes and the sun, try to create layers of subjects, colors and contrasts. As well like all your photos exposure is extremely important to balance the effect of ambient light and the light from your strobes.


ILCE-7M3 + N100 Macro Port 105 for FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

This is set up for macro photo and video. Up and till now I have been mostly focused on VDO and the documenting the activities of these interesting critters and crawlers. Check out the video page Critters and Crawlers



This camera is mostly used for macro and especially snooding with an RGBlue system 03.  Snooding is challenging and fun.  You need a really good underwater assistant and alot of patience.  Snooding is a technique to spotlighted subjects and you can use different color effects. click here to see snoods.

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